Whipp News: Australian Border Force boss sacked

The head of the Australian Border Force Roman Quaedvlieg has been sacked over allegations of “misbehaviour” for abusing his position of power by helping his girlfriend get work within the force.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton announced on Thursday that Quaedvlieg changed recruitment processes to aid his partner in getting a job at Sydney Airport. Dutton also noted Quaedvlieg’s failure to disclose his relationship with the woman.

Whilst being on paid leave for 10-months on an annual salary of about $620,000 Quaedvlieg’s case went through a lengthy process – from the corruption watchdog, to the head of the public service, and to the Attorney-General. Quaedvlieg’s termination from the ABF was ultimately authorised by the Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove on the advice of the federal Government.

Quaedvlieg, a former Queensland and Federal Police officer, said he will consider his options following his termination, hinting he might take legal action.

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